Content Strategy that Works for Your Business

shannon-fisherYour content is the introduction to your business. It’s your seven-second first impression. I’ll help you craft content that attracts, informs and delights.


Writing portfolio

Hi! I'm Shannon Fisher a content strategist and writer for the web. This is how I work.

Content strategy means having a clear plan for content execution and delivery. I'll outline specific content your audiences require and put a plan in place to ensure ongoing creation and delivery of appropriate content. No time is wasted on articles, copy or blog posts that don’t fit this strategic plan.


I begin by conducting discovery activities and researching your audience and brand. The information I find will advise all planning and execution.


I examine the content you currently have online and in print. Website, social media, print brochures. All of it.


Together we decide whether the content is relevant, current and aligned with your company or organization's goals. A Gap Analysis shows where your content is now, where it should be and what’s missing.


I'll create content recommendations for your company, which may include a core messaging document, a style and messaging guide and/or a social media plan.


To implement the strategy, we'll work together to create a workflow process, editorial calendar and make sure you have all the necessary resources. And, of course, I'm an expert at creating, editing and migrating content if you don’t have these positions in-house.

Check in

I’ll also check back and ensure your content is still doing what it’s supposed to—across all platforms. This may include reviewing web analytics data or metrics. And a good old fashioned content party.